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In this mod made by X_JacobPlaysMC_X there is alot of weapons, tools, armour, blocks, food, a new biome (a little glitchy and hard to find), A NEW BOSS , and the majestic green gem! every item in this mod is a little better than diamond armour/weapon/tool exept they are all GREEN!!! The main part of this mod is the new GreenGem that was added to enable you to have a better minecraft experience with more armour and weapons crafted from it! There is also a new GreenBlock which is the equivilent to the Block of Diamond but for the green gym. I hope you like this mod it took me 8 hours and 47 seconds to make! P.S. If any youtuber's see this (especialy the diamond minecart im your biggest fan) you are allowed and encouraged to make a mod review on it!

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In development
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right now the ore doesn't spawn naturally however it is able to be found in desert temples in vast quantities. Don't worry I will fix this issue soon!