Ultimate Mobs Mod DLC Pack 2

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Lots of new stuff added in to the Ultimate mod with a new amazing armor set which I think you guys well love lots of cool stuff now here is the list of the new stuff

4 new Tools!

1 New Mob

1 New Ore

1 or more new foods to eat

1 new armor set

the boots allows you to jump 6 blocks higher then before

the helmet allows you to breath under water for ever Cool uh hope you like this DLC 3 last ones well be coming to this mod soon if I have Time Also if you have any qustions find me on google+ or Youtube at Lerrycapetime time Hope you enjoy this mod and have a great week


2 more DLC for Ultimate mobs mod and then thats it

so I added in

4 new Slimes

2 or more new mobs

new plants

new ore

new weapones and armor and lots more with extra's

Last Stand DLC 3

here is the 3rd from the Final DLC


Best Armor in the mod

added 2 new mobs

added 2 new weapones

Final DLC 4

added 2 New Amazing Blocks

added 4 New Mobs

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