Coloured Stone

Published by RecklessTV on Sat, 04/18/2015 - 22:08
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This is my first mod so I was just playing around with some coloured stone, this mod doesn't add a whole lot to your minecraft world although it is a nice small mod to run along other larger mods. If you are builder who would like some more variety this mod is definitely for you. The coloured stone is not craftable although it is very common to find in caves and along mountain edges, it is found in large amounts so if you are playing survival you will have no trouble finding it if you would like to use it. There are only twelve Coloured Stone blocks at the moment however if you would like me to add more I will as I said before. I can also add other interesting blocks that you can build with if that is something you guys want. I am working on larger projects at the moment but if you do enjoy my mod and want me to update I will be happy to do so. Hope you enjoy!


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