My amazing cannibals mod v0.1

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This is my very first mod I've created, so please don't critisize my work. This is the first version, so there will be more things added, such as liver, brains, toes, eyeballs, etc. There is a new dimension added too, make it the same way as a nether portal, but with netherrack, and use portal guts as the flint and steel. The redstone blocks act as blood, and don't worry, I will change that. I'll change the redstone ore into something else. Cannibals are extremely powerful too, and I'm not sure why, but the cannibals won't spawn naturally. Please let me know how to fix that. Also, I would recommend using the NotEnoughItems mod to go with this just because you'll need to know how to craft the items. Hope you enjoy my mod!

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Cannibals Mod - ImmortalLink's Cannibal Mod57.34 KB
Not-Enough-Items-1.7.10.jar - NotEnoughItems mod495.44 KB

Here's the link for the notenoughitems mod

AWW DUDE i watched yogcast one time and they used this mod i think but anyways epic mod keep up the good work man ;)