OP Tools+ 1.7.10 V2.0

Published by jason10299 on Sun, 04/26/2015 - 04:00
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this is a mod i made about a year ago and have recently updated to V2.0 with tons of new items and a name change to OP Tools+. it includes new tools and armour.


Emerald tools+armour

Ruby tools+armour

Sapphire tools+armour

Anzite tools+armour

Slime armour

Ice armour

night vision goggles

running boots

Gandalf's Staff (special request)




I will be making another mod soon called OP Guns 



*WARNING* there is one problem i am aware of, if you load a regular world with this it will usually toke 10+ minutes to load and it loads only 1 chunk. to fix this try loading a world, then installing the mod. if that doesnt work just mess around with it on a superflat world.

*UPDATE* to fix the world not loading, just install optifine. so you an now enjoy it on a regular world, but it will still take a while to load.


Feel free to make mod reviews or modpack with this. youtube= www.youtube.com/user/theretrogamerbay

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