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Published by MaxBoy101 on Sun, 04/26/2015 - 18:24
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This Mob Is Made To Get Animals Supper Easy! When You Have Your Mob Maker If It Looks Like A Cow Skin In The Back Use Beef Then Bone And Then Leather And You Will Get A Spawn Egg! If You Have A Pig Mob Maker Use A Pork Chop And A Bone And A Leather To Get A Pig Spawn Egg. Do The Same With The Chicken Just Instead Of Useing Beef Or Pork Chop Use A Raw Chicken. All The Meat Has To Be Raw. Check Out My Youtube Channle TOO!


PS: There Is A Giltch That Shows Two Mobs And The One Dosent Have A AI But Just Reload Your World :) 

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Modification files - Make A Mob! Easy! With Beef, Bone, and Leather! To Make A Cow! THATS ALL!65.41 KB