Lights Plus

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Want to jazz up your secret base with color?


Now there's colored lights!  Lights plus! Currently we have 4 colored lights! all it takes is to mine all the ores, and with a little crafting knowledge at hand, you can do it yourself!  Crafting is simple. Take three of the colored ore chunks and place them at the bottom. take two of the Kalaahtite chunks and put them in the center and top center (making an upside down T) and the rest is made of iron ingots.  Enjoy! (pictures soon)

(there is a slight problem with the lights right now but you can fix it by putting any glowing object behind your ceiling light and it will light up.)


Now for a price of $14.99! That's right! $14.99 (exclamation point sold separately.)


Order now!


(insert random commercial joke here)

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