Minecraft More Ores Mod V1.0.0 (1.7.10)

Published by Gogmus on Sat, 05/02/2015 - 02:30
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A simple mod that adds custom ores, ingots, a nuke, and more! You can make endless combinations of armor and ingots! To be specific, it adds: copper ore, zinc ore, uranium ore, lead ore, nickel ore, aluminum ore, cobalt ore, silver ore, tin ingots, cobalt ingots, silver ingots, platinum ingots, copper ingots, zinc ingots, steel ingots, bronze ingots, lead ingots, nickel ingots, brass ingots, aluminum ingots, uranium ingots, titanium ingots, nukes, and fries. I added the fries just for fun, because I like them, and I’m sure many others like it as well. I will be adding armor, tools, weapons, and possibly other miscellaneous items in the next version.

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In development
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