Indiana Jones 5 (the Infernal Machine) artefacts

Published by Crypto on Sat, 05/02/2015 - 12:30
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I created this mod because I loved the game "Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine" and I loved the artefacts you could use there. :)

This mod adds the artefacts from Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine to Minecraft.
They consume hunger points depending on how long you use them because there is no special artefact energy (bar) like in the original Indy game.
Each of them has it's unique special effect that activates when holding the right mouse button.

There are 4 in total:

-Urgon's Artefact: 
Original: Creates a shockwave that breaks down unstable walls or ice.
Minecraft: Creates an explosion. (Click once, use with caution!)

-Taklit's Artefact
Original: Makes user invisible for 10-15 seconds.
Minecraft: Makes user invisible while holding RMB.

- Azerim's Artefact:
Original: Use standing under a magical crystal to float upwards and downwards.
Minecraft: Adds Jump Boost III while holding RMB

- Nub's Artefact:
Original: Works like an eternal energy source (eternal battery) and can activate special machines in the game.
Minecraft: Spawns Lighting at your location ;) (Click once, don't hold RMB, Use only with strong armor + Fire Resistance)


There's 1 other artefact in the original game that opens portals to other dimensions. However, I didn't add it due to it being found in another dimension only and I didn't want to create the texture for that one as well.


The mod is still "beta" so please report bugs if you find some. I'll try to solve them as soon as possible.

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