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hello there evey one!

minecraft + mod adds a lot of stuff to the game 

like armor,swords,picaxes,axes,blocks,ingots,guns,dimentions,crafting recipes,op food

Note all the recipes are in the text doc (called read me)

if needed to talk to me also in a text doc (named find me)

if this mod does not work please tell me (find me) 

if you have a suggestion of a mod or  a help ful way to make this mod better please tell me i will not get mad if you give me a bad comment i will not be affended by any of them

if you wont to make a youtube vid tell me so i can whatch it and put it as the review vid

also my email is handsomerylan22@gmail.com

Release type
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
MINECRAFT+.zip - there is a lot of ool things in this mod!!!142 bytes