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This is still a work in progress mod.I will update it shortly! For now all you need to know are the items and recipes! 

CreeperOre:Can be mined at diamond level.Smelt to get CreeperEssence.

CreeperEssence:Can be obtained by smelting CreeperOre

CreeperPotion:When drank the CreeperPotion will explode.

In the future i will ad a CreeperCore which will summon Lightning and spawn a lightning creeper,A Creeper sword which will summon primed TNT,CreeperBow which will shoot an explosive arrow,A CreeperBomb which will explode and spawn 15 creepers,And much much more!

If you Have any suggestions let me now and ill think about adding them in!


Recipes:i could not get the CreeperEssence recipe to work but all you do is smelt CreeperOre in a furnace



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