Special Weapons and Armor

Published by cyberrocky on Mon, 05/04/2015 - 18:32
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In development
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Fire Blaster

Requires fire charges to use

Snow Blaster

Requires Snowballs to use

Ice Sword

Hit mobs with slowness

Lightning Axe

Right click a block to summon lightning

Healing Wand

Kills undead mobs, heals other mobs

TNT Blaster

Requires TNT to use

Sword of Light

Gives user night vision

Inflicts targets with blindness and glowing effect

Wither Sword

Hits mobs with wither effect

Web Shooter

Shoots webs onto blocks
Requires string to use

Poison Sword

Hits mobs with poison

Taunting Wand

Right click air to turn invisible and make hostile mob sounds

Levitation Wand

Right click air to levitate yourself

Right click also has a 50% chance of removing levitation

Ender Knife

This knife works just like an enderpearl, but can also hurt mobs
Place this knife into crafting table for infinity enchantment

Katana of Time

Right click for a 50% chance of toggling day/night (10% chance of toggling weather)


Elemental Armor

grants night vision, water breathing, speed, haste, fire resistance

Psychic Armor

grants night vision, jump boost, luck, speed, resistance, and haste

Speed Armor

grants speed and haste

Strength Armor

grants haste, jump boost, resistance, strength, and cancels fall damage

Flying Armor

grants flying ability and jump boost

Immortality Armor

grants water breathing, saturation, regeneration, and fire resistance

Modification files
Special Weapons and Armor.jar - SWA for 1.9.4Uploaded on: 04/18/2017 - 15:17   File size: 184.36 KB
swa_for_1.7.10.jarUploaded on: 05/02/2017 - 17:57   File size: 133.73 KB
swa.mcrUploaded on: 05/02/2017 - 17:57   File size: 94.27 KB

@# When you make a "gun" mod, under events for what happens if you hit a block, teleport is one of the options.

@#3 You have to make an item mod and set the lightning event to clicking on a block.

I've tried making a tool item with lighting, and yeah, it crashes. So make an item instead.

Please make this mod for 1.7.10 it would be very appreciated (or send me the .mcr file and I'll convert it on the promise that I will not post it as either mine or yours).

@#5 Sure. While you wait, I made a similar mod called My Heroes Ability Talismans. It features the same abilities, but only when you have the talismans in your inventory (it doesn't have any other items).


@#5 I started working on it and I can't make the TNT Blaster using tnt as the ammo or bullet texture because that version of MCreator doesn't let me select blocks, it only lets me select items

"swords" with potion effects are made by creating a new item (that's right item, not a tool/weapon), then setting up an event upon left clicking.