Primal End (1.0.1 Alpha)

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Welcome to my mod named Primal End! if you didn't know this is a hardmode based mod so expect a great challege!

Im sorry if the page kinda sucks but its quite a big mod and i spend months working on it please show some repect and i know the description sucks but i will inprove on it on a later time


Whats New! New Website Domain.


tips to get you started

to get started i would go mine ice ore to get ice shards to make easy armor,

second craft a fine stick (recipes will come out soon so use NotEnoughItems for now) then make short blades then get a emerald then craft a katana for a powerful weapon that you can upgrade!

avoid corrupted spiders.

avoid ninjas or use range weapons



Ice Dimention 

ice blocks

Dreaded Dimention

Flame Blocks (Flame ore is found in the nether)



Link To My Blog!

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