Insane Mod

Published by cowanjohn on Wed, 05/06/2015 - 14:12
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The Insane Mod is meant to make your Minecraft worlds go insane. Battle with new armour like Saw Armour, Cool Blue Armour, Dark Demon Skin and weapons like the Hammer. There are also new blocks that you can use like Blue Gem Block, Super Duper Cheat, Swag and Beast TNT. The Diamond Dimensec is a portal that allows you to travel between worlds. Spread Pool Water throughout your world or try serving up Poison Soda for someone to drink. You can really go insane with the Dr Seuss Biome, where you can control the weather, color and fauna. You can also get the Smelting Obsidion if the player achieves a goal. Get the Insane Mod and go literally INSANE!

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