Arctic Mod

Submitted by xXMCXx on Wed, 05/06/2015 - 14:12

*Arctic Mod*



1.0.8 is the final update as 1.5.7 is gonna be released soon and my mod will not be able to update to it.

I do plan to make another mod and I will re-implement the quest feuture (with more quests) if you want to check out my other mods

then please go here (my user profile)

Note: make sure to rate and comment on my mod so others can check out this mod.


Official Versions












Initial Release



3 Blocks

2 Weapons

3 Items

1 mob


1 Recipe

1 Dimension



Lowered the Heaters Chance to break after right clicking for a special effect to 45% (instead of 71%)

You can now get back the heater if it breaks from the rain.

3 Weapons

4 Mobs

3 Food

6 GUI's

3 Blocks

1 Biome

1 KeyBind (press F12)



5 Fixes/Changes (Below)

Fixed the Arctic Dimension

Thawer Device is now called the De-Froster

all frozen foods can now be de-frosted.

ArmorofWarmth was converted and now is an item/armor

Changes to some of the GUI's

1 Food

1 Weapon

4 items

2 Mobs

1 Armor



36 Mobs

24 Weapons

4 Tools (Iced Tools)

1 Fluid (Purification Water)

4 Items

10 Structures 

(enchantment stalls to watchtowers and even butchershops plus a lot more!)

1 Fuel (Magical Gem-300 Power)

2 blocks

Elemental Ore (get Elemental Ingots)



!Quests added!

7 quests added

Tier 1 quests

(3 quests)

Tier 2 Quests

(2 quests)

Tier 3 Quests

(2 quests)

Multiple rewards Tier 1-3 rewards added

7 items added (no use, used as quest items only)

1 block (Mystery Ore no use, used as quest item)

Adjusted spawn rates of mobs

Fixed loot crate

Updated Help GUI




10 Structures

9 quests

3 Weapons

2 mobs (Quest Mobs)

1 Item

1 Plant

2 food

1 armor

5 Overlays added (Had to remove last moment due to a glitch I couldnt fix)

More T1-T3 Rewards added

New T4 Rewards added (last minute issues could not release this update)


changed the Frozen Hearts Texture

Mob AI's.Drops,Exp Drops,Items drops have been Updated

changed Help GUI

Major changes to Exchange (quests) GUI

fixed an issue that may have caused crashes for some users




14 Bows

6 Staffs/wands

3 Tabs

7 mobs


Changes to mob spawn rates,exp drop,Sounds,Item drops

Changes to GUI's

Structure generate rate has been increased

Lowered rare bulb plant,Missing boy and Lady of the Lakes spawn rate

Elemental Armor Consumes Elemental Orbs slower with increased spell effect.



recipes from 1.0.8 are now added

Book of Cold

Frost Bite Sword

Cube Crusher

FrostBite Dagger

Iced Crossbow

Magic Imbued branch

Heating Device (look below for more info on this machine)

Thawer Device (look below for more info on this machine)

Magical Gem (this is what is used to create weapons and armor)

Ice (used to create Arctic Dimension)

Bouncer Ring

World Ring


nether Belt


Edible ice aka Crunchy Ice

Water of Purity

Exchange book (exchange book is where you trade quest items for coins).

Reward book (all the rewards you can trade coins are in here)

Bleeding Dagger of the Fallen

Void Axe (that is obsidian)

Stone War Hammer (you need stone not cobblestone)

Wand of the Fallen

Fire Staff

Maxxed Staff

Obsidian wand

W-H-O W Wand

Light Creeper Bow

Aquas Flood

Acrostiac Bow

Invisy Bow


More Images (in game images)

images from 1.0.8 included,

heating Device (off)

heating device (on)


all blocks/ores

holding a Frost Ingot gives Slowdown II (look below on what to use to counter this)

it is recomended to wear Armor of Warmth when carrying around Frost ingots

the arctic portal

arctic God

Arctic Cow and Winter Chicken 

Getting the Arctic Dimension starter while it is raining and clicking on the Frost gods block.

This is the help Menu (press F12)

Arctic Bug & Arctic Demon

Frozen heart & Magical Dust

(Right click in the air with Magical Dust and a Shattered heart in your inv to get a Heart)

Flamingo,Nether cow (no texture is not broke) and Duck

Angels are very rare creatures and will not harm humans.

Archers (each archer spawns in its own biome)

Kings (very powerful monsters) only spawn in extreme moutains biome

Mages (spawn in (forgot biome) xxxxx biome)

New Creepers

Spiders and slime

All mob eggs (in 1.0.8)

Quest and Exchange GUI's

Temples might just contain special items!       Image above is all floating structures in mod (a reward awaits inside them)

Rare Bulb Plant

(quest plant)

More Info/Important Info

1. Right click the Heating Device to turn it on, right click once more for a special potion effect (has a 45% chance to destroy Heating device if you do)

3. you can only get an Arctic Dimension starter from the FrostGods iced block

4. Kill the Arctic God to get a chance at getting the Frost Gods iced block

5. It has to be raining when you right click the Frost gods iced block to get the Dimenson Starter

6. Right click the Book of Cold in the air to see a "special" text GUI

7. The heating Device will be instantly destroyed if it is raining (but it will be returned to you)

8. There is no use for the Heart in 1.0.3 (will be used to create a God staff in 1.0.8)

9. The grinder grinds only raw pork,steak

10. Elemental Gems are used as ammo for Staffs

10.5 When you equip Elemental Armor it will slowly consume elemtal orbs to power you up.



13. If a recipe is not seen above then it is most likely dropped from mobs (ie: bows from archers, staffs from mages etc)


Tier 1 quests (Description and how to complete)

Create a rotten apple- Place an apple in a furnace

Collect Mystery Meat- Kill winter Chickens

Collect ripped leather- Kill winter cows


Tier 2 quests (Description and how to complete)

Collect a rare bulb plant-find the plant and collect the seeds it drops

find the missing boy- find this mob in any biome and right click him get a paper he drops

Speak with the lady of the lake- find this mob in ocean biome and right click her get a paper drops

Tier 3 quests (Description and how to complete)

kill any of the new types of creepers- get dead powder

Defeat an innocent angel- collect an angelic feather


Below is a video previewing what is to be seen in 1.0.8 (only some of the items and mobs)

Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type
In development

Submitted by GH127 on Wed, 05/06/2015 - 22:04

Really liked your new mod xXMCXx,great job!

Submitted by xXMCXx on Thu, 05/07/2015 - 02:56

Arctic Mod UPDATE!!!

Submitted by Drewpy on Thu, 05/07/2015 - 22:09

Hey, xXMCXX, when is Klemen going to start this contest he talked about?

Submitted by xXMCXx on Fri, 05/08/2015 - 11:05

Update Coming Soon! Version 1.0.2 Coming soon! read the changelog to see whats gonna be added in.

Submitted by xXMCXx on Sat, 05/09/2015 - 04:27

Update! 1.0.3 is now out.

Submitted by Drewpy on Sat, 05/09/2015 - 04:31

Keep working on this great mod!

Submitted by GH127 on Sat, 05/09/2015 - 19:46

idk why i like so much this mod XD 10/10 so far best mod i've seen on mcreator

Submitted by xXMCXx on Tue, 05/12/2015 - 03:48