harder mobs

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hey guys thatnks for all your suport i have been trying to make a mod and i ned help! lz contact me when you have the chants thank you

hello there this mod alls loads of mobs that will try its hardest to kill you!

do you think that you can take a challenge of surviving the mobs! No really do you i heard they are supper hard to kill. (note the skelly is the hardest, and the mini boss is the longest to servive ) 1500 harts op!!!

if you wont me to add more things tell me i will try to make it 

if you need to talk to me i will try to get to you but all you have to do is eather comment or tell me by email (handsomerylan22@gmail.com

if you guys ever need my help i will try to help you anyway this mod adds a lot of mobs

zombies skellys spiters golems(man) mini boss and more! 




                                                                                                               thank you 


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