The Zombie Pigmen mod or theoverworldmod

Published by camalajs on Sun, 05/10/2015 - 17:28
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Hello Guys welcome to my third mod this is the easier way to get rotten flesh just build my portal with stone and to craft the portal lighter you need 2 birch planks... You can build the portal to get to a new world! Try it out!! This mod is in beta like the first mod so wait like 4 weeks more it will be out! so thank you a lot if you like this mod then why just rate it...... So dudes I got 20 downloads on my endermod thanks and the best op pick mod 9 downloads thanks and enjoy!! oh guys read the mod info int will help you and yeah (The next mod will be realesed 4 days more)

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In development
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TheZombiePigMen and the overworldmod.jar - Thanks for downloading my third mod35.16 KB