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Hi, this is my first mod.


THE DREAM MOD(WIP!)!!!!!!!!!!!


This mod not only adds new content and improves minecraft, but it also pulls stuff from both 1.6 mods and vanilla 1.8 and implements it into 1.7.10. Imagine never having to deal with that 1.8 lucky block piston crash again! You should get it. AND PLEASE TELL POPULARMMOS ABOUT IT! it adds his character too! Not Enough Items is suggested because there are WAY too many recipes for me to be going over! but here is the stuff i added!

  • Null (Non-textured Item!)
  • Coral (Oceancraft)
  • Starconium (Crazy Ores)
  • Gamma Radiation (Superheroes Unlimited Mod)
  • Reinforced Diamond (Uses Eternal Frost Crystal Block texture!)
  • Crying Obsidian (Uses Igneous Additions Crafting Recipe!)
  • Prismarine
  • Rainbow Block and Dimension (Game crashes when dimension is entered twice!)
  • Dark matter
  • Deathpowder
  • Energy Gem
  • Uranium (Custom Texture)
  • EnderPreston Boss
  • Superman Outfit and Doomsday
  • Silkie
  • Orespawn Bosses and Drops
  • Big Bertha and Royal Guardian Sword
  • Ultimate Weapon and Ultimate Armor
  • Power Dimension
  • 8 Dimensions total!!!!
  • The Overlord!!!!
  • Cursed Diamonds
  • Refined Obsidian
  • Infiprotos!
  • Royal Armor!
  • Jennifer, The Overlord's Evil Slave and EnderPreston's heroic Girlfriend!
  • Logo Block!!!!!
  • Aquarium Material
  • Over 10 Bosses!!!!


And i have a website for it too! Definitely check it out!!!!! This is the web address: http://superiorginni.wix.com/dreammodofficial

Modification files
DreamMod1.5.6.zip - Dream Mod MB

Sounds amazing! I'll Deffinately tell PopularMMOs!!!! Hope he does a mod review!

I Did!!! it is called Dream Mod 3: revenge of the techno-tyrant! it will be for 1.8 so it will not be out until this summer! i did however make a dream mod 2 add-on! see my website to learn more!!!!!!