H20's Special

Submitted by lasen94 on Sun, 05/17/2015 - 10:53



 Rotten apple (V 0.0.1 Alpha)

Enderman wood (V 0.0.1 Alpha)

Enderman Wooden Plank (V 0.0.1 Alpha)

Enderman Stick (V 0.0.1 Alpha)

Enderman Sword (V 0.0.1 Alpha)

Enderman showel (V 0.0.1 Alpha)

Enderman Pickaxe (V 0.0.1 Alpha)

Enderman Axe (V 0.0.1 Alpha)

Enderman Hoe (V 0.0.2 Alpha)

Enderman pants (V 0.0.3 Alpha)

Enderman Shoe's (V 0.0.3 Alpha)

Enderman Helmet (V 0.0.3 Alpha)

Enderman Chestplate (V 0.0.3 Alpha)

stamsite village (V 0.0.4 Alpha)

Evil stamsite (V 0.0.4 Alpha)


There you have the guide to make all tools

Todo List

Enderman Hoe (Tool)

Enderman saw

Enderman Gun

News Command

Enderman Cheat block

New zombie

new village

Admin command

New Dimension

Enderman Armour



write some tips so i can put it on todo list

Thanks for me i hopes you will like the mod

Check my website: http://h20panda.net


Added NPC's

press N ingame and check all news there

97 items are there

Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type
In development
Modification download files

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