Supermassimo's Massimium Mod

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Welcome to the Massimium Mod!
This mod adds a bunch of intresting stuff and late-game items to help you rule the lands of Minecraftia!

This mods adds the following:

Basic Stuff
-Massimium The base item for this mod! including its ore and block!
-Faustonite The companion item! more useful than Massimium itself!

-Faustonite Cluster A nice item you can use to decorate!
-Tools! Massimium sword, axe, pickaxe, shovel, An overloaded Infused Faustonite Sword and a bow!

-Energy Fuser a special block used to infuse faustonite and massimium together!
-Advanced Energy Fuser an advanced version of the Energy Fuser, used for more advanced things!

And a lot more! if you want to know what is hidden in the power of Massimium try to uncover the secrets behind it by yourself!


Faustonite OreFaustonite Ore, with an incredible 3d Model made by me ;D

Massimium OreMassimium Ore, found not too hard in middle ground depth

Energy FuserEnergy Fuser, a block to fuse this 2 ores together! with another amazing 3d model!

Faustonite ClusterFaustonite Cluster, this is a crystal cluser that can be placed on the ground for decoration or to blow it up

Advanced Energy FuserAdvanced energy fuser, this is the advanced version of the Energy fuser, used to do more stuff!

More images And Items are aslo awesome! but i dont want to spoil it too much! 

If you like it! please feel free to r8 8/8 m8 and enyoy it!

Update coming.. soon.. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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I did a video on this mod.

You did a great job on the mod, and i thought it was so good, i wanted to help, so what do you say?
Do you want my help?

Lol, He gets mod of the week and hasnt been on since, I was looking forward to seeing another update. Maybe hes making one behind the scenes. :D