Texture Changer Mod

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Tired of the same, boring and ugly textures from the Minecraft blocks you use often? Do you want to make your house look prettier? Download Texture Changer and you will be able to change textures from blocks!

First, you need an Upgrader and a Downgrader (don't worry, these are programmed to stay in crafting grid). Craft them like this:


Upgrader crafting


Now, you'll want to upgrade or downgrade some block textures. You can do it like this (note: these are shapeless):



And, as you have seen in the poster, you can also make a Old Dimension Portal! First you have to craft the igniter like this (note: The green M is actually very old cobblestone):

Then you must make the portal and turn it on with the igniter, and you'll be able to enter the Old Dimension!

I planned to make it have older grass and very old cobblestone but it screwed up and it ended up having only cobblestone. Meh.

Oh and by the way this mod is still a WIP, so there may be some incosistency between blocks (such as old coal blocks not smelting as long as normal coal blocks), so feel free to tell me of any issues and send me more textures for the mod.

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