Professor O has released some bad stuff into the world and now there are clones of Professor O's everyhwere but if he gets struct by lightning he turns into His defense form or releases his defense form and fights you,Use things that proffesor has made to set your spawnpoint or even use his armor that he made to get amazing speed and strength,you also need the stabilizer to get the items to create the armor. this mod is version 1.2.0 of the mod i am making for the contest i couldnt think of any thing like the theme so this is what i did 


                                            HERE are some recipes           To get these things  


                u need to killl the corrupted mech to get these things>>>                       



to go to the corrupted dimension u need corrupted blocks and the remote is the igniter


1 new quest has been added You need both the reward and quest block . To make the reward block u need to stabilized chips on the sideds of the  2nd row and a corrupted block in the middle,To make the quest block it is the same but a book in the middle 

V 1.1.0 Update Log:added Reward block and quest blocks with 2 quests,Added Advanced Bacon

V 1.2.0Update log:Added Aquastrium armor,Pickaxe,Sword and ore. Guns:Ray Gun,Ap11, Techno gun (all gun names like ap11 and other guns in the future are made up).Added Lightning staff, All recipes Will be added later so i reccomend using Nei 

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