More Armors Mod

Published by adiazgn on Thu, 05/28/2015 - 17:54
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In development
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Mod's 0.2 version

This version adds two new armors and a new item to our Minecraft world.

  • Titanium item
  • Titanium armor
  • Obsidian armor

For obtain the titanium item, we need to burn an obsidian block in a furnace.


Mod's 0.1 version

This mod carries new armors to our Minecraft world.

  • Glowstone dust armor
  • Brick armor
  • Cobblestone armor
  • Redstone dust armor
  • Clay armor
  • Stone armor
  • Emerald armor
  • Coal armor
  • Infrabrick (brick of the nether) armor
  • Slime's balls armor
  • Lapislazuli armor
  • New (and crafteable) chainmail armor

Also, the mod carries a new block and a new item.

  • Chainmail ore
  • Chainmail item

We pick the chainmail ore with a cobblestone pickaxe (minimum).

Then, we burn the ore in a furnace and we get the chainmail item.

The armours recipies are like a recipie of diamond armor.

We can find the chainmail ore in the main world.

Modification files

make dirt armor and cobble armor and AIR ARMOR. its invisible and gives 1 bar of armor and also its craftable using air, to craft it you just put a glass bottle in middle of crafting table