More Armors Mod

Published by adiazgn on Thu, 05/28/2015 - 17:54
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Mod's 0.2 version

This version adds two new armors and a new item to our Minecraft world.

  • Titanium item
  • Titanium armor
  • Obsidian armor

For obtain the titanium item, we need to burn an obsidian block in a furnace.


Mod's 0.1 version

This mod carries new armors to our Minecraft world.

  • Glowstone dust armor
  • Brick armor
  • Cobblestone armor
  • Redstone dust armor
  • Clay armor
  • Stone armor
  • Emerald armor
  • Coal armor
  • Infrabrick (brick of the nether) armor
  • Slime's balls armor
  • Lapislazuli armor
  • New (and crafteable) chainmail armor

Also, the mod carries a new block and a new item.

  • Chainmail ore
  • Chainmail item

We pick the chainmail ore with a cobblestone pickaxe (minimum).

Then, we burn the ore in a furnace and we get the chainmail item.

The armours recipies are like a recipie of diamond armor.

We can find the chainmail ore in the main world.

Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files

make dirt armor and cobble armor and AIR ARMOR. its invisible and gives 1 bar of armor and also its craftable using air, to craft it you just put a glass bottle in middle of crafting table