Trinity Divine Mod

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Join the Terrestrial Defense Corps United as they try to stop the Royal Emperor and his Faction Soldiers and Space Knights from taking over the Minecraft world! This mod adds in 2 new ores, 2 new foods, 2 new sets of tools, 23 sets of armor, 10 new guns, grenades, and 6 melee weapons to Minecraft. There are also 11 new mobs: 2 hostile, 8 passive and one new boss. Inspired by FPS titles such as Halo and Destiny, there is even a multiplayer side to this mod, with flags for Capture the Flag, tools that spawn Bunkers, Machine Gun nests and even barbed wire to aid you in deathmatches, and 12 sets of armor specifically designed for multiplayer. Also, there is a map pack in progress for those of you who want a PVP world already made for this mod and any shooter mod for Minecraft. Recipes can be found at: http:/ or use NEI or Craft Guide. Hope you enjoy!

Hope you guys like this mod. More mods will be on the way. I'm also open to any suggestions so if you have an idea for a mod or an addition to one of my existing ones, feel free to let me know. Thanks guys!

New Update: Sergeant Cliff has joined the battle! He will help you take down even the toughest foes. Also, more booms! Added Lightning Grenades, which as you might have guessed, shoots lightning on impact. Also, Land Mines! Troll your friends ;) and also added a bulletproof vest, slightly better than diamond. Good for multiplayer if you want a little extra protection. Have fun guys, enjoy :)

Added Royal Emperor Armor, Prototype Armor, and Orange, Green, Black and Yellow PvP armor sets. Also added in a tank structure. Finally fixed grenades. Also added civilians, they don't do much. Enjoy :)

The Master Chief Update

In celebration of the release of the Beta to the Pop Culture Mod, Master Chief has come to help fight the Royal Emperors, Space Knights and Faction Soldiers. He comes with the Energy Sword and his armor comes with some buffs. Enjoy :) and go check out the Pop Culture Mod Beta :)