Chromium++ Mod

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Welcome people to the Chromiumplusplus mod!

Basically the mod adds...uh.. A new ore called Chromium, and Chromium tools, and armour.(Of course)

So it's not much of a mod but this is my first mod, so hope y'all like it <3

It's a good mod to use in survival, because the weapons are better than diamond, but break very soon!

Now about the recipes, good thing I don't need to write much because all the recipes are the same ;)

For example: Making a Chromium sword is the same but instead of wood/stone... and so on, you have to use the Chromium.

Things you should know:


Chromium Ore is mined just like the other ores in Minecraft. Chromium is obtained by smelting the ore in a furnace containing coal(Everyone must know that)

Follow the development process on Trello!

Feedback is really appreciated, It's what makes the mod grow and get better!


Release type
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version

@Lyon Thanks! Tell me any bugs!

By the way I'm thinking of adding more stuff into the mod! Any Ideas guys?