Homemade Mod 0.0.1


I'm going to tell you about my new mod name: HOMEMADE MOD!

It don't adds many for now but it adds food and drinks!

For now there are only 3 types of food!

0.0.1 Description: 3 types of food: Coffee, Hot Tea,Bread Slice

                           Some Items: Coffee Seeds,Tea Sachet,Packed Coffee,Empty Glass,Packed hot tea

                           1 Block: Drink N Food Machine

                           It's a pretty small mod but there will be alot of updates and i will work hard to make the best of it!

                           Hope you like it guys and don't forget to comment if you want something new in the mod!

Sorry Guys i will need to make a new design of the mod because i clicked on workspace 2 and then on Homemade mod and it dont saved my things so. New design comming!


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