Mo'Paper Mod

Published by Palyzocker on Thu, 06/11/2015 - 14:23
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↓!!!!I am working on the new version at the moment!!!!↓

↓!!!!Minercraft Version: 1.7.10!!!!↓

↑!!!!Mo'Paper Version: 0.3.0!!!!↑


Hi guys

I present you my first mod. It is called "Mo'Paper" and I think you can do more with paper than you or I can even think about.


Download and Updates and more Screenshots


The Website from my Mod

Klick on the Link but please Hard

For screenshots click on the Link



#0.2.1 edited tools usability

#0.2.2 edited armor usability add Papeer (creeper with paper) add new recipe: make Paper out of Leaves

#0.2.3 add Paper Coal (use it to smelt ores)

#0.2.5 texture from Paper Pickaxe change (if you play with a Texture Pack)

#0.2.6 added Paper Fire Sword

added Papeave [spawn in your world]

added Papeat

added Paperoa [Spawn in your World]

many Bugfixes

#0.2.7 added Paper Brick

added Paper Brickstone

added Torch Recipe

a little bugfixe

#0.2.8 added Paper stick

added recipes for Paper stick (all things like in normal Minecraft)

added Creative Tab for Mo'Paper Mod

added Paper Button (is still under construction) a little bugfixe

Currently work: Paper Slap, Paper Fence, Paper Door, and a lot more

#0.2.8_BF1 (Bugfixe 1) Bugfixe with Paper Ore (drop yourself)

added Recipe (Craft Paper out of Papeave)

added Mo'Paper Menu and a lot more bugfixes for example: Tools have infinite usability, Tools can degrade all and much more

#0.2.8_AF (Armorfixe) fixed Armor (Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, Shoes)

#0.2.9 RemovePaper Menu

Remove Papeer

Remove Paper Fire Sword

Retexture Paper Ore

Retexture Papeave

( I think ) More Realistic Paper Armor Durability


Later comes: Bags, Special mob and more items

I will try to create more mods, but at this time I am going to improve my skills by maintainig "Mo'Paper".
I will appreciate it if you send me feedback. [:)]
Thank you for downloading my first mod. [:)]

you must not publish this mod on other websites without my permission

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In development
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Hi Palyzocker @#1

Your mod is so cool! But there are things i don't like it. For example, the armor is too good for only using paper. And i think you should change the recipes. I think that for armors and weapons there will be good that you have to use paper blocks instead of paper, because is too easy to get paper, and the things you can craft with it are too god for that.

Submitted by Palyzocker on Sat, 07/18/2015 - 20:23

Hi @ZasETLB10 first thank you for your review.

I've looked for a long time, if it's not easy to bring to paper and the tools to good. I'll try this is to korrigieren.Es also nice that you like my mod it would be great of you to recommend it to others.


Submitted by Palyzocker on Sun, 07/19/2015 - 12:19

Sorry I meant "I will try to correct"

Submitted by Xelacraft1 on Mon, 07/20/2015 - 04:25

I have one Question. In my Mods there are no Texture in Minecraft. How do you did that there are texture in Minecraft?? I NEED HELP, PLEASE

@#4 hi Xelacraft1 first thanks for downloading my mod
but could you please describe what you " no textures in Minecraft " mean by more ?

(sorry for bad English)