Published by Killer on Fri, 06/12/2015 - 18:04
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New Version 1.2.0!

New Blocks:

Mega TNT,Mega TNT X5,

Crystal Ore,Ruby Ore,

Onyx Ore,Cobalt Ore

New Items:

Crystal,Cobalt Ingot,

Ruby,Onyx,Lazer Head,

Advanced Lazer Head,

Lazer Body,Lazer Sight,

Lazer Stick,Lazer Buttery(Empty),

Lazer Buttery(Full),Advanced Lazer Buttery,

Obsidian Ingot,Cobalt Ingot

New Weapons:

Lazer,Advanced Lazer,

Onyx Sword,Ruby Sword,

Sapphire Battle Sword,

Wither Battle Sword,

Crystal Battle Sword,

Ender Battle Sword,

TNT Sword,Cobalt Sword,

Mega TNT Sword,Obsidian Sword,

Sword of God,Rapier

New Armor:

Cobalt Armor,Onyx Armor

Version 1.2.0 Is latest

Good Luck!

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