Ruby Mod (Alpha)


This mod plans to add tools made of different materials, especially Rubies. Currently I have made only 2 materials, only 1 obtainable in survival -.- so leave suggustions in the comments!


Ruby Stats

Efficiency: Faster than Diamond.

Durability: 2501

Damage: +10 Sword, +9 Axe, +8 Pickaxe, +7 Shovel, +0 Hoe

Mining Tier: 4 (Diamond is 3)

TIer to be Mined with: 3 and above

Armor Points: 4 Helmet, 10 Chestplate, 8 Leggings, 4 Boots (Total:25)

Description: These are your new diamonds. They hit harder, mine faster, and last longer. However, of course there is a catch! The spawn rate of Rubies is VERY low. They also spawn far down into the world, around y=-10. Good luck finding these! If these are too hard to find, let me know and I will increase the spawn rate.

Bedrock Stats

Effeciency: Faster than Ruby

Durability: 4000

Damage: +100 Sword, +99 Axe, +98 Pickaxe, +97 Shovel, +0 Hoe

Mining Tier: 4

Tier to be Mined with: Good luck breaking Bedrock XD

Armor Points: (Added Soon)

Description: These are not obtainable in survival... yet. Basically these are just useful tools to use in a creative world :)



0.0.5: Added Bedrock tools. No armor yet.
0.0.4: Buffed Ruby Chestplate by 1 point.

0.0.3: Bug Fixes.

0.0.2: Renamed stuff and got rid of some files to make it take less space :)

0.0.1: Release

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In development
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First mod.
Leave suggestions in the comments!