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ever wanted TNT that explodes when mined for booby traps or just wanted indestructable TNT well if so this mod is what your looking for 


This mod is called Nuke'em which is a slightly smaller way of writing nuke them and nuke is a bomb there are 3 bombs Nuke, nuclear reactor and a DOOMSDAY BOMB




now to craft a nuke you will need 5 TNT an 4 emeralds put the emeralds in each corner of your crafting table and the Tnt in aplus shape that should give you a Nuke to craft a nuclear reactor you need 1 nuke, 4 block of iron and 4 diamonds put the nuke in the center of the crafting grid and put the iron blocks in the corners and put the diamonds everywhere else to craft a DOOMSDAY BOMB you need 2 nukes 5 nuclear reactors and dark green wool and 1 block of iron put the 2 nukes at the top and bottom center of the crafting grid and put the nuclear reactors in a cross shape then put the wool on the left and block of iron on the right have fun EXPLODING!!!


in later updates there will be tnt cannons and the names of the explosives will change to Boom TNT Main TNT INDESTRUCTABLE TNT




RLL nicked "THE MAGE"


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