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This is my first mod, so please dont be to hard on me, but i would love to hear you suggestions.


What is Kunzite?

Kunzite is a pink gemstone that i used as the base for the many items this mod adds


What does this mod add?

It adds a Kunzite(Gemstone), a Kunzite Ore, a Kunzite Block, A Set of Kunzite Aurmor, Kunzite Tools(Pic, Axe, Shovel, Hoe, Sword), A Kunzite Blossom, A Kunzite Apple, Kunzite Mobs(Magical Kunzite), a Kunzite Dimention, and Pure Kunzite(Liquid)


Kunzite, Kunzite Ore, and Kunzite Block

You get Kunzite from mining Kunzite Ore with a Iron Pic, and you fill a crafting table with Kunzite to get the Kunzite Block


Kunzite Aurmor

Very Overpowered, you cannot be hurt by any mobs when whereing the full set(Including the Enderdragon) but you may still be hurt by fall damage


Kunzite tools

Very Strong when it comes to attacking and has lots of durability, but doesnt collect to many things


Kunzite Blossom

Can be found anywere


Kunzite Apple

Has the Ghast Tear affect, and should give Regeneration


Kunzite Mobs(Magical Kunzite)

Their are Two Different ones; A Male and A Female. They are found everywhere and attack Pig Men, Spiders, Skelitons, And Zombies. They are Nuetral mods and wont attack players unless they are hit.

They are Week so, to survive, they spawn in groups from 10-30.


Kunzite Dimention

The portal is made in the nether portal style with Kunzite blocks and is lit with a Kunzite Pearl. The Kunzite Pearl is made by puting an Ender Pearl in the middle of the crafting table and puting Kunzite on the top, bottom, left, and right of the pearl. The Portal does spawn Pigmen(even though there are none in the dimention), so i would recomend having Magical Kunzite Around the Portal.


Pure Kunzite

A Water-Like liquid found in the Kunzite dimention


If you have any questions dont forget to ask! Enjoy the mod :)



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