RPGCraft 2

Published by Killer on Tue, 07/07/2015 - 19:00
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New RPGCraft 2!

3 New Dimensions,9 New mobs,6 New Armors,14 New Weapons,11 New Items And 18 New Blocks!

New Dimensions:

Flower Land

Frame: Flower Obsidian Igniter:Flower Flint And Steel

Toxic Land

Frame:Mushroom Block Igniter:Toxic Flint And Steel


Frame:Toxic Block Igniter:Dream Powder

New Armor:

Manaxite Armor,Vethean Armor,Karos Armor

New Weapons:

Karos Sword,Vethean Sword,Toxic Blade,Red Beast,Toxic Terminator,Toxic Bow,

Demonic Sword,Ruby Sword,Jade Sword,Sapphire Sword,Vethean Wrecker,Flower Sword,

Vethean Staff(For Shot needs Mana Orb)

New Items:

Sapphire,Jade Ingot,Ruby,Toxic Blade Part 1,Toxic Blade Part 2,Toxic Gem,

Boss Spawner(Demon),Vethean Coin,Mana Orb,Flower Gem,Flower Stone

New Blocks:

Toxic Stone,Toxic Sand,Toxic Wood,Toxic Leaves,Toxic Block,

Boss Altar,Ruby Ore,Sapphire Ore Jade Ore,Vethean Lamp,Vethean Stone,

Vethean Wood,Flower Stalk,Red Flower,Blue Flower,Yellow Flower,Flower Obsidian,

Flower Grass

New Mobs:

Toxic Golem,Toxic Man,Vethean Soldier,Vethean Mage,Red Flower Man,

Blue Flower Man,Yellow Flower Man,Demon,Toxic King


Demon,Toxic King

2.0.3 Release Date 16.07-29.07

Release type
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
RPGCraft 21.19 MB