The Endmor


<strong> <ul>The Endmor armor mod </strong> </ul>

To craft the Endmor armor, you have to use obsidian instead of leather, gold, iron or diamonds in the crafting table. The order obsidian has to be aranged in the crafting table is the same order that you arrange the other materials to form the other armor. E.g. For the Endmor chestplate you need to have 8 obsidian and place them in every space except the middle space in the top row. The Endmor is the most powerful armor in the game, it is more powerful than the diamond armor. There is however one special secret in this mod.

<strong> The Secret: </strong> The secret is that if the weather switches to thunder while you are wearing the full Endmor armor then you will be instantly transported  to The End! So be prepared! ;-) 

Created by CaptainBull.


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