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Hello Everyone This Is My Second Mod So Yeah Lets Get Down Into Telling The Basics So First You Need To Go To The MonkeyJungle The New Biome I Added *INTENCE MUSIC* And In There Are These Guys Called Monkeys You Need To Kill Them For There BANANAS *STILL INTENCE MUSIC* And You Can Craft The Tools Or Craft The BananaBlock To Go To The New Dimension *Funny Music* Or  You Can Eat Them XD *INTENCE MUSIC AGAIN* Or You Can Cook The Banana To Get The CookedBanana To Craft The BananaSaw Or Eat It :O *Music Turns Off* Well Thats All I Needed To Say Oh Link To Video Is Right Here It Does A ShowCase And Shows The Recipes -

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Please Download My Second Mod Everyone Oh You Have To Read The Desc Or You Wont Know The Recipes Or What The Stuff Does Thank You :D

Submitted by jtrent238 on Sun, 07/12/2015 - 01:13
ModReview Will Be Here

Submitted by jtrent238 on Sun, 07/26/2015 - 20:44

Do You Mind If I Put this Mod On If I Do More People Will Download And Will Get More Noticed!!!
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