Alien Mod

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This mod takes you to a new world a world a full of new and powerful creatures to your world and Mars. This mod brings in seven different color aliens, super aliens, and king aliens. Have you ever want to got mars now you can with a brand new alien portal to mars. There is a new nice creature added too and that is a baby gorilla. You can find that little cute creature in the jungle and his alien cousin on Mars. There are two new super advanced alien technologyy incloding a teleporting blaster and a ray gun. Watch out for the ray gun it is powerful, Do you want to become an alien now you can with the alien armor that protects you from strong alien creatures like king alien and super strength alien. Also in the game is alien ore that nakes you get DNA that createsa spawn egg, alien steel ore, and armor to where. Try out the new pick your alien egg choose your favorite alien and spawn it. Hope you enjoy this alien mod. 

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In development
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PS nr123 and Ninja12creeper worked together to make this mod