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This Mod Adds In About 5 Guns And 8 Weapons! This Mod Is Made In One Day And Finished At An Approximate Time Of 6:27 Since I Started At 10:00 Am. WOW! This Mod Also adds One Armro Piece And 2 Blocks And ALSO  2 Items.I Sadly Can t Get It On Vimeo But I Can Give You A Link To My Vimeo!Anyways, This Mod Adds An M4A1 , an RPG, And Also an AK47, etc. The Weapons Are Katanas, Broadswords, Knives, etc. Hope You Enjoy The Mod!

Vimeo: ClickHere

Mod Review: ClickHere




You Have Permission For Reviewing The Mod But You Have To Give Credit To Me.

This mod Version Is 1.8

I Showed About 2 Recipies In The Review. Use Nei To Figure Out The Recipies. The Guns Are Complicated.

Thank you For Reading The Desc. I Appreciate It. Thank You.

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Guns And Weapons - This Mod Adds 5 Guns And 8 Weapons. It Adds Also 1 Armor Piece And 2 Blocks And 2 Items.9.29 MB