Blood Tools & Armor Mod (Discontinued)

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This mod adds Blood Tools & Armor to you're Minecraft! =)

Hey guys! if you think something is lacking in this mod or you found a bug Please inform me in the comments! thank you :)   Also if u like this mod and want me to continue updating it give us a rating :)   Note: This mod is still alpha so not everything is implemented yet.  

>>Show Spoiler to see Recipes<<

Blood Ingot:



Blood Hilt:



Blood Pickaxe:



Blood Sword Blade:



Blood Sword:



Blood Shovel:



Blood Axe:



Blood Hoe:











Modification files
Blood Tools & Armor.jar - A mod that adds Blood Tools and Armor and more to come!145.26 KB

Im Going To Do A ModReview And Its Going To be Here Or Here: