Minecraft new ores mod!

Published by CrazyJ88 on Fri, 08/07/2015 - 10:39
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This mod adds a lot of new ores to the game such as Jade,Rose Quartz,Gallium and some more ores are coming (about 2-3)
When this mod is done it will add 3 new ores to the overworld and 2-3 new ores the nether!Some ore are just basic ores that you can just make some tools and armor (Jade,Rose Quartz,plus one more thats coming but thats a secret!).And some ores you cant make tools and armor with but they have their own special abilites (Gallium,plus another one thats coming soon!).

Some of the crafting recipes for the special ores are:With gallium its a little rare but when you get 9 chunks of Gallium you can make a block of Gallium which if you smelt it , it will give you a bottle of Gallium which if you surround a sword in the crafting grid with it (sword in the middle 4 bottles of gallium around it)it will give you a Gallium sword of that variety (e.g.Diamond Gallium sword, Jade Gallium Sword)and when you smelt the sword it will give you a sword of that variety with sharpness 1 on it(currnetly not all of the swords are done but that will come very soon!)(only Iron, Gold, Diamond are currently done :(  )

The tiers of the new tools:Jade is very slightly above Iron, and Rose Quartz is better than Diamond but spawns in the nether and is really rare but you can craft it bye putting 3 pink dye blocks (other new items) in the middle of the crafting grid with 3 blocks of nether quartz on the top and bottom will give you 1 Rose Quartz


                                                                                             THE PICTURE IS JUST ONE OF THE NEW ORES (ROSE QUARTZ)


                                                                                               SORRY FOR THE BAD NAME IM NOT VERY GOOD AT NAMES!


                                                                                                                           NOT FINISHED YET!!!!

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Submitted by CrazyJ88 on Fri, 08/07/2015 - 10:50

If you think old minecraft is dull and not enough ores than this is a mod for you!

Submitted by cole on Tue, 12/22/2015 - 20:20

cool mod bro!