Scrolls Of Legends

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This Mod is for the Magic Fans out there- Those who wanted some sort of magic abilities in the game of MInecraft. Now you can have such abilities! This mod has currently 3 different scrolls, all different. These are:

  • Scroll of Blaze
    • This scroll is not good for fighting, as it creates a Magic Flame. a Magic Flame is safe, as it doesnt spread or do damage. This Scroll works by replacing the block Right-Clicked by the scroll into a Magic Flame. Also, if you make a mistake, right click the Magic flame to revert it back into the block.
  • Scroll of Rain
    • This Scroll will change the weather between rain or shine.
  • Scroll of Shock
    • This Scroll shoots a harmless lightning bolt. Good for trolling. Can change normal creepers into charged creepers (testing)

Now, you must make a Ascension Table.

Now Right click the Ascension Table with Redstone to get Mana Powder. For the rest, use NEI until I get the recipe pictures.

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