More Ores And Crafting

Published by Dydek on Thu, 08/20/2015 - 14:24
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More Ores Craft is a new version of Copper and Ruby Craft.

This mod adds Copper, Ruby, Steel, Emeral tools, Emerald Armor, new crafting recipes, tools and armor.


Copper and Ruby's Crafting is the same as in Copper and Ruby Craft mod.

Steel's crafting looks like: put iron ignot and coal in Crafting Table, then coal and iron mix must go to the furnace, now you have steel ignot.

Of course you are able to make tools and armor by it, crafting is the same as in minecraft vanilla

Emerald Tools And Armor is normal crafting tools and armor but with emerald, it's finnaly more useful.

Please write comments about what can I change or add in this mod.

I'll be Thankful if you decide to rate this modification.

comming soon!
-maybe dyed planks (if you want-comment)

-some changes and more recipes


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