More In Every Aspect Mod

Submitted by EvilMed on Mon, 08/24/2015 - 20:41
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Hello Everyone This Is My First Mod I Have Made And I Will Be Adding More Items In Minecraft In EVERY SINGLE ASPECT!!!!!!

This Is The Beta Version In Which I Have Added The Following Items


*Copper Ore

*Tin Ore

*Silver Ore 


*Copper Ingot

*Tin Ingot

*Silver Ingot

-Craftable Items

*Bronze Ingot ( Which Can be crafted Like this  Copper Ingot In the Middle And two Tin Ingots One Below And Above It In the Middle Row )


*Bronze Armour

*Silver Armour


*Bronze Tools

*Silver Tools



Purple Particles Appear when Blocks Are Destroyed

Any Other Bugs Tell Me

====Future Updates===

-Will be Adding Bluestone Which provides Power And is going to be more stronger Than Redstone (Can Reach Longer Distances)

-Smelter As bronze Cant be Made With This Crafting Method

-Zebras Like Horses As horses Are very rare Mobs to Be found

-A Cool Grappling Hook Not with teleporation But More Advanced(This One Is going to take a long time "Patience Is a Virtue :)" )

I hope You like My mod 



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