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Published by jackj106 on Tue, 08/25/2015 - 15:50
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-are you a player of minecraft?

-are you willing to cheat?

-do you want to fly (more or less) like a bird?

-are you a living human?


if you answered Yes to Any of these questions, than this is THE mod for you.

just look over at the downloads: dont download the lower numbers, download the highest number avalable.

Hello everyone, welcome to the mob items mod! it adds in a plethera of items Based on minecraft Mobs and even players! these cool (and cute) items can be used for a plethra of things. for example, but not limited to,

-geting items with ease

-become-ing op with potion effects

-and damgeing enemys




i had to put this mod on the site, even though there may be bugs, its still a brand new mod.....

any way guys, im going to show the recipes... as text... i couldent run the test enviorment, my laptop is to weak. (only 2 gb of ram) real images are coming soon!

to make "fabric" you just put one leather in the center of a crafting table.

to make the basic mob item that is used for humanoid mob items:

|Fabric | fabric| fabric|

|fabric| wool   | fabric|

|fabric| Fabric | fabric|


then, you add, a basic of (all leather) leggings, chestplates, and boots to the blank mob item as well as with dye (blue or green) and sometimes a sword.

there are other blanks that are crafted with somthing similar:


|fabric| *    |fabric|


* = a special item related to the mob....

a list of some epic buffs from mob items:

  1. enderdragon: max health boost (level 255)
  2. Enderdragon (still): jump boost
  3. chicken: jump boost
  4. slime: jump boost

those are just some... i think there is 101 items/blocks in this mod... get ready for fun!

hope you all enjoy this HUGE mod, and pylo, please dont remove it becase its still a beta.... have mercy for epic fun and more!


update 1.0.4:

-fixed all ____ is in use from always being in the corner

-fixed the mod not launching with forge


update: 1.0.5: Huge fixes!

-fixed all the mob items that were supposed to give buffs but did not.

-added in two block items: grass and stone

-special suprise wepon! comment if you know what it is.


update: jackj - 1.0.6!

this is a big update that fixes most items that were buggy, as well as adding in new stuff.

-simi-fixed the items with health boost

-added back in Saundd, one of my friends as a item. this was in the origional but had to be removed becase it caused fatal errors, but those have been fxed.

-added in steven from steven universe.

-added in a random but awesome mob: squirrels.

-added in a masterfull ninja staff.

-added in two of my friends as items: FrankPD03, and Steve?n

-added in cheaper to make versions of some mob items that are harder to use.

-added in two reto classics as mob items: space invaders and donkey kong.

-added in a new way to get pac man

-added in squirrel mob item.

-added in acorns

-added in a FAT SQUIRREL item

-added in a cool robot with a drill.

-added in a stupid movie, comment if you figure it out.

-added in a snow golem item, wich was missing in preveous versions.


Version 1.1.1!

special summer update! im sorry summers over, but i added in a new update just to cheer my (sigh- 6) downloaders up!

-added some more retro classics: frogger and sonic.

-added LINK! (from the legand of zelda, not a link)

-added some special things, comment if you figure out.

-we have a total of more than 140 things! :D





-hope you love the mod, Jackj106



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