Wand`s 1.7.10

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It add 6 wands into the game with 1 new mob named Wizard.

You can have many powers and more!

And I added a new potion that fills your hunger 100%, works with dogs too!

Mirror download =  http://www.mediafire.com/download/y525xj3k8daatiy/Wand+Mod.zip


1.0.0 =

7 new Wands! =

1 shoot wand

5 other wands!

1 new mob (Wizard)=

Can drop wands or potion!


Fills your Hunger 100% =

Works on dogs

Cant be used if hunger is full





Future Updates add:

New wands

New Potion

Bug fixing

New Ores

More Recipes

Dungeons (Structure)








Test results (mine):

Spamming with the fire wand "Shoot version one" making you crash.

Rotation and moving are broken from wizard but still working.

Using the light wand in the air makes a explosion and kill you.

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