The Ultimate Emerald Armour

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This mod adds Emerald Armour to minecraft it's durability is Higher than Leather, Gold, Chain mail, Iron and diamond armour. Each set of amour gives you special buffs (read more bellow)

Screen Shots:

Crafting Recepise:

1) The Ultimate Emerald:


2) The Ultimate Emerald Helmet:


3) Ultimate Emerald Chest-plate:


4) Ultimate Emerald Leggings:




5) Ultimate Emerald Boots:




How It looks!




Armour Info:



The helmet gives you Speed 3 with unlimited time.



The Chest-plate gives you Regenoration 3 with unlimited time.



The Leggings give you Water Breathing 3 with unlimited time.



The boots give you Jump Boost 3 with unlimited time.


How To Install The:

Download and install Minecraft Forge.

Download the ZIP Folder.

Go to %appdata%.

Go to .minecraft/mods folder.

If the “mods” folder does not exist you can create one.

Drag and drop the downloaded ZIP file into it.

Enjoy the mod.



Thank you for taking a look at this mod, if you are going to be doing a mod showcase then you MUST leave a link to my YouTube Channel “RhinotheMiner” and SUBSCRIBE. ALL Credit MUST be given to me (the mod maker name RhinotheMiner) and the Pylo studio.


If there is any bugs then please leave a comment on the Officual Mod Showcase that I made. If there is any other mods you would like me to make then also leave a comment on the Officual Mod Showcase that I made. Hope you do ENJOY every second that you have with this mod!!

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In development
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The Ultimate Armour - This mod brings O.P Emerald armour to minecraft! Mod Maker:RhinotheMiner1.23 MB