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This Mod Will Change Your MC World.....

If you download this mod make sure that you have a strong computer or laptop, Because This mod may lag or crash if you download the mod.

This mod has tonnes of stuff from real life and non-real life, so this is only a Demo Version only The full version is coming soon.......


this mod includes: 

+Ruby ore and ruby gem

+Ruby Tools

+Ruby Armor

+Emerald Armor

+Lost Kid (overworld)

+Hobo Villagers (Overworld)

+Emerald Dimension

+Redstone Dimension

+Freddy Fazebear (Overworld)

+Foxy (OverWorld)

+bonnie (Overworld)

+Chica (Overworld)

+Herobrine Nether)

+Dr Trayaurus (Overworld)

+Aether Dimension (not finished)


+Sniper (glitchy)



+molten Chocolate

+Chocolate milk

+hot Chocolate milk

+Chocolate Milk

+Chocolate Cake (Glitchy)

+Bucket of Molten Chocolate

+Redstone Slime (found in redstone Dimension)

+Villager Cop

+Crazy Duck


+Cooked Corn


+Beef Burger

+Chicken Patty

+Chicken Burger




Restone Dimension: Good for Redstone Machines, has redstone slime.

Aether Dimension: New, still nothing there.

Emerald Dimension: full of hobos and villager cops, everything is made of emerald.

Villager cop: Has AI of Iron Golem (will be replaced by Pigmen AI Drops Emeralds.

Lost Kid: Useless Drops Coal.

Hobo Villager: Useless Drops Coal.

Ruby Armor: Its Very OP.

Herobrine: Drops Blaze rod, its a Boss, Found in nether.

Crazy Duck: Drops Duck Leg and can be cooked.

Corn: can be cooked and found Easily.

Tomato: Can be used to make a Beef Burger and a Chicken Burger.

Chicken Patty: Used to make Chicken Burger.

Emerald Armor: Little Stronger than Diamond armor.

Choclate Milk: Edible And can be Boiled by a furnace.

Chocolate cake: Glitchy, may crash your game.

Iphone: Little Expensive But Sometimes Crashes minecraft.

Ruby Tools: Very OP.

Fnaf Crew: They have 0.05 Speed and kills you with one hit.




Have Fun with the Mod.







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Submitted by proxerater on Wed, 09/09/2015 - 01:48

The ONLY reason i wont install is because theres fnaf characters. I HATE THEM.