[Mod By Raphazak]The Dream Mod [Closed]

Published by IuStrenght on Tue, 09/15/2015 - 17:50
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Sorry but the mob will no longer recive updates!

This mod is an adventure mod, there are no mobs added(momentaly)

At 50 Downloads i will put the recipes

So, here-s the change log!

Version Alpha 1.0 :
-Added Ruby Ore, Ruby, Ruby Block, Ruby Armor,Ruby Arrows and Ruby Bows

-Added Tomatoes...There are temporary only in creative mod

-Added Dream Dimension(Portal can be maked with Ruby Blocks and a Ruby'n'Steel)

-Added Rainbow Ore ,Rainbow Dust, Rainbow Blocks....Rainbow Ore spawns in Dream Dimension

-Added Rainbow Dimension(Portal can be maked with Rainbow blocks and a Reinforced Rainbow Dust)

-Added Uranium Ores, Uranium Ingots, Uranium Armors, Uranium Block and Uranium Dirt (i know this is terrible but anyway) - Uranium Ore spawns in Rainbow Dimension

-Added Uranium Dimension(Portal can be maked with Uranium blocks and a Reinforced Uranium Ingot)

-Added Saphire Ores, Saphire Ingots, Saphire Armors, Saphire Block - Saphire Ores spawns in Uranium Dimension

-Added Magic Dimension(Portal can be maked with Saphire Block and a Reinforced Saphire)

-Added Magic Ore, Magic Dust and Magic Block

-Added Simple Staff, Lighting Staff, Regeneration Staff And Strenght Stuff

-Added Pink Dimension(Portal can be maked with Magic Blocks and a Reinforced Magic Dust)

-Added Amethyst Ore and Amethyst...(This is temporary UseLess)

-Added Instant House Block(When is breaked spawns a 5x5 stone brick house)

Version Apha 1.2 : The Legendary OP Items Update

-Added Black Pearl (only craftable)

-Added Black Pickaxe, Black Axe, Black Spade and Black Blade

-Added Black Legendary Armor

-Added Black Pearl Block

-Added Black Dimension(portal can be maked with Black Pearl Block and a Reinforced Black Pearl)

-Added Bedrock Ore(can be found in Black Pearl Dimension and can be confuded with coal ore)

-Added Bedrock Nugget

-Added Bedrock Ingot

-Added Bedrock Tools and Bedrock Armor

-Removed Instant House


Alpha 1.3 - The Bountifull Update :

-Removed All Shovels becuse Tehnical Problems! Sorry


Mod Page (/modification/16117) changelog :

Mod Version Alpha 1.0 :

-Added the mod on MCreator

Mod Version Alpha 1.2 :

-Some Minor Changes at description

-Changed the Mod Photo

-Added download for Alpha 1.2 (Sorry For Waiting!)

Planed Features :

1.Make good modifications

For recipes please use Not Enought Items

I don't have time to post the recipes!

I really need a ShowCase..If you like the mod and make a showcase i will add a special block in mod with the Showcase maker name(So, if the Showcase maker name is "Mario", i will add a "Mario" block)

Sorry for my bad english..So, im from Romania :))



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