The Greatest Bacon Mod Of All Time

Published by cjmcgiv on Thu, 10/01/2015 - 00:56
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Ever wanted bacon in minecraft? Well now there is! there is chocolate bacon, carmilized bacon and much more! I swear that this mod will satify any minecraft and bacon lovers dreams. Any feedback is appriecated and I hope to update this mod offten. Hope you guys enjoy!

Raw bacon recipie

Three raw porkchops on a diagnal from the bottom left corner

Cooked bacon recipie

put raw bacon in a fuunace

Raw carmelized bacon recipe

Put two carmelized sugar on the left and right of the center of the crafting table and Raw bacon in the middle

Cooked carmelized bacon

Put raw carmelized bacon in a furnace

Chocolate bacon recipie

Put a peice of cooked bacon in the center of a crafting table and suround it with cookies

Raw gamer bacon recipie

Put raw bacon in the middle of a crafting tabel and put mountain dew on the left and a dorito on the right 

Cooked gamer bacon recipie

Put raw gamer bacon in a furnace

Carmelized sugar recipie   Put sugar in a furnace   Mountain dew recipie   Put glass blocks on both sides of the crafting table and one onn the bottom, fill in the last two spaces with lime green dye   Dorito recipieMake a triangle of bread at the bottom of the crafting table and in the middle of the triangle put an orange dye    





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