Mun Mod

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Many Things Are Added.

Cheese: Craft With 3 milk. Restore 4 hunger.

Cheese Block: Craft With 9 cheese. Used in Portal.

Cheese and Steel: 1 Cheese and 1 Iron Ingot. used to light Portal.

Space Suit: SUPER Powerful! use Iron Blocks and glass for full set.

Lunar Sword: Iron Block Blade.

Lunar Dust: Fount on the moon. Craft with dirt, smooth stone, and flint.

Moon: Ice And Lunar dust top, stone in the ground. Spawns 2 Moon-Only Mobs.

Moon Only:

Space Creeper: A VERY fast Creeper. Don't let it get struck by lightning! DON'T Right Click! Bedrock and TNT Come in to Have Fun!

Space Spider: Spider in Space! REALLY Fast!

Tardigrade: A tiny creautre. Look it up if you want to know what it is!

Thanks for Downloading! :D

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Awesome mod!!

Also, good luck with your Martian Expansion mod.