Published by luca2838 on Wed, 10/14/2015 - 13:03
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Hey this is my first mod ever. It have taken me a some time to make but the mod is still in beta So there will be Alot more updates later on. I hope you will like my mod, And i also hope you will give me support and more ideas to my mod. If you found any bugs then type what the problem is and i will try to fix it. :). You will Need NotEnoughItems for this mod so you can see the crafting recipes. :)


Version 1.0.1

Ghost Ore,Ghost Ingot, Ghost CreativeTab.(Ghost Pickaxe,Sword,Axe,Shovel,), Ectoplasm(Drops From Ghosts), Ghost Armor, Ghost Block

New Mobs: Ghost , Draconium Zombie

Craft enchanted: Draconium and Bloodgem Sword and Pickaxe.

2 New Fuels Draconium Coal And BloodyCoal

Crafting Recipe For; Night vision Potion And Instant Health potion

-----Note----- If you download the new version of the mod you will NEED to make a new world or else The Mod items is gonna diserpear

Modification files