Mine Magic: Discontinued.

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If You would like to continue this mod, email me on harveymarlow@hotmail.com. If you would Like the MCR File, Or The Update that was Suppost to be released (v 1.3), also email me.

I've Stopped working on this mod and instead on another, Which is due to release soon. Thank you SOOOOO much for the support for this mod. 650 Download is AWESOME! Items and blocks are as followed,



- Essence Berry (now made by sugar and pink dye, due to some extremely plant growing glitches)

- Essence Ingot (created by smelting Essence berrys in a furnace)

- Golden Rod (created by right clicking gold ingots on a magic furnace. It will give you 2 rods from 1 gold ingot)

- Magic Staff (as you know, was an item in v1.0. it shoots an explosive arrow, that upon impact, explodes and strikes ligtning.

- Essence Dagger (deals 8 damage, created from 1 stick, 1 redstone block, 2 redstone dust and 1 essence ingot.

- Wooden Club (deals 6 damage, uncraftable, and can only be dropped by a cyclops)

- Essence Mulit-Tool (deals 9 damage, crafted from 2 golden rods, 1 essence dagger and  2 essence ingots. Pretty self explanatory. If your dumb, its like every tool into one)

- Emerald Double Blade (deals 16 damage, crafted from 1 golden rod, 1 emerald and 2 emerald blocks. Will soon be able to shoot arrows)

- Diamond Double Blade (deals 14 damage, crafted from 1 golden, 1 diamond and 2 diamond blocks. Will also soon be able to shoot arrows)

- Speedy Leggings (upon equip, Gives speed 2 permanently)

- Bag Of Holding (a bag that has 12 slots that holds items)

- Soul Dust (obtained by killing souls, They spawn around the world at night)

- Fusion Pistol (small pistol that deals 6 damage and requires infused bullets to shoot)

- Infused Bullets (bullets needed for the fusion pistol. requires 2 soul dust and one iron to craft)

- Soul Staff (A W.I.P item that requires essence ingots and soul dust to craft)


- Magic Furnace (used to create golden rods)

- Glowing Cobblestone (can be used to go to the glowing dimension, and is a creative only block. in future updates, it will be craftable)

- Essence Window (just for decorational purposes)

- Glowing liquid (a liquid that can only be found in the glowing dimension

- Darkened soul sand (a block used to make soul stone)

- Soul Stone (can be made into a soul Portal frame)


- Essence Biome (a pink looking biome that has turqoise coloured water)

- Glowing Dimension (I dimension filled with glowstone and gold ore)

- Soul Dimension (a W.I.P with soulstone and souls inside of it)

- Cyclops (a mob)

- Soul (Drops soul dust, which can be made into multiple items)

90% of the textures are 32x and are 100% mine.

Next Update is on the 16th November. (hint: contains lava)

If We can hit 15 downloads on This version, ill release the update on the 2nd November

Any Ideas or any know errors? Comment below! Please tell your friends and rate this mod to help get this (to the almost possible) mod of the week!





Modification files
MineMagic_V.1.1.zip - Download here199.91 KB
Mine_Magic_v.1.2.zip - Download NEW VERSION 1.2278.48 KB


Complete Remake of the mod, due to item confilicts and texture problems. All textures are now 32x

Sorry For the late update! School and stuff has been a little more important. The mod is being updated Right now, An shall be released in the next few hours!


hey umm... please tell me... what is the point of this mod?


Thank You For 500 Downloads Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I never thought the Mod would make it this far! Thank you for the support.

Very nice looking mod! I would love if I could get a chance to work with you on making a custom mod (and a big one at that) to put together in a modpack that could potentially include mods such as OreSpawn and Chocolate Dungeons. Please hmu at my email if you would want to talk about anything (my email is my vortex1753@gmail.com)